Original Date: Nov 13, 2012 11:10 PM

Today I find everyone happy, from the rickshaw-wallah to the rich Marwaris, from a petty thief to a police inspector, from a truck driver to a pilot, from the old to the youth, almost everyone. Mothers keep waiting for their sons returning from the Border, Navy, Metropolitan jobs or even from their colleges. And finally their wait is over today, yes it’s DIWALI.


I too am at home with utmost satisfaction. I hear the sound of crackers every now and then. I see Lights sparkling in every house, Crackers burning in every child’s hand, Diyas illuminating in every corridor. The sky is painted with colorful dots, a splash of colors appears every moment. I observe every house trying to be creative in its own lights, in its very own Rangoli.

I find my Grand Mother elated with every member of her family around her. Though she is tired with her day’s work she keeps on requesting me to eat something. Actually, I was on fast the whole day as a Diwali ritual. My grandma told me that the ritual would purify me. In the evening, I wore my finest Kurta Pyjama and did my first Diwali puja with my family. The feeling of me holding the aarti and the whole family enchanting their prayers to god behind me gave me a feeling of pride. Of course, who doesn’t like to be the “MAN OF THE HOUSE”???

In the verandah, my little sister is decorating her “Ghar Kunda”.She is burning candles near it and has made a Swastik with flower petals. She fills Kuliya-Chukiya deciding on which one to be given to whom of her brothers. I almost wonder “Why do sisters do so much for their brothers?” On the roof, My brother is holding a packet of crackers. He places his favorite “Chocolate Bomb” at the edge of the roof’s wall, lights them with an incense stick and runs away to enjoy the explosion. He smiles at me and requests me to join him. And I stand there, a silent admirer of his joyful moments. Everyone wants to share their happiness, my brother wants to share it with me and I want to share it with the one reading this.

I keep on staring at the glittering sky, remembering my Father, remembering my close ones. Random thoughts keep striking my mind every moment.

Sometimes I feel sad for my friends at the hostel who couldn’t make it to their homes this Diwali,
Sometimes I fear for only 2 years of my college life is left,
Sometimes I crave to see my First Crush 
Sometimes I wish this moment never ends!!!!