An incomplete article from my 2nd year a BIT.

Its been 2 years since my first college day. Life was expected to be adventurous and beautiful at college. And I guess the expectation did turn to reality.

I still remember the first day at my college. I and Utkarsh(yup the now known “CODER UTK”) went to the sports complex in the evening. We were having the usual IITJEE AIEEE(lol that’s all we knew that coding)chit chat in a barely green football ground. A few moments later UTK waved to someone and said “arey Sanket kitna daudega?”.The dude, as energetic as any engineering fresher, replied: “bas 1 round aur”. But wait…. who is Sanket??? an IITIAN who landed somehow to BIT, and had a weak acquaintance to Utkarsh since Fiitjee. For me, an IITIAN tag was enough to extend a hand of friendship. And thus the three of us met.

We sat outside our hostel(hostel 7 to be precise)and soon the topic came to Bollywood. Sanket and Utk started discussing the movie BOOM of Katrina Kaif.
Ahhh….my first insight into an A grade movie. They discussed the dual meanings of song bhaag bhaag D K BOSE, the emptiness of Rohan Rathore, etc. After dinner, we stood outside our Hostel for a little talk. A Halogen hung up from hostel’s roof illuminated the grasses, the staircase and a small lawn in front of the hostel. We leaned on steel fences of the lawn and enjoyed the breeze.

BIT usually stays at an even temperature around the year. Days are mostly cloudy and nights are cold….