life-is-like-a-train-journey-lifetothefullwithjesusThe train stopped at the Krishnarajapuram Railway Station, Platform 4 at 4:45 am. It was dark with street lamps being the only lights, waiting to fade in rising sun’s brightness. I was supposed to go somewhere, where ?? CV Raman Nagar? I was not sure. A friend of mine was supposed to make temporary stay arrangements in Bangalore. I was not sure if the stay had been confirmed. So I waited!! Dragged my heavy suitcase across 2 platforms. The station master was nice to me. He allowed me to use the waiting room as long as I needed. In that small station room was my first morning in Bangalore.

Today, it’s been more than an year since that morning. I feel I have experienced quite a lot since then.From Bangalore’s chilled weather to the frustrating traffic jams, from the tiniest restaurants in koramangala to the huge malls spread across Bangalore, from a nice salary to being broke on month’s end. I remember my city, Ranchi where auto fare ranged between Rs 10 – 20 which now ranges to Rs 70 – 80 in Bangalore. Be it vegetables, grocery, means of transport, house rent or basic services like plumbing,everything is shockingly costly in this IT capital. Ofcourse, Bangalore has its perks, the wider roads, lesser crime rate, fresh and clean air, the educated surrounding, the party culture and the utter ease with which any service is accessible. At its heart, the city boosts of its startup culture. Any service or amenity here is just an app away. These numerous apps and services ignite the entrepreneur inside each one of us, motivating us to an extent that we leave our high paying jobs to experience something new!

At an emotional level, the city made me feel distance, responsibility , care,  pride, respect , ego, frustration and what not in this last 1 year. It has given me few of the happiest moments of my life. Its surprising how life can be so undulating. It changes every day, every hour, yes it does.I feel people around me have changed. Even I have changed.

An important aspect in my change was the changing of my lifestyle. The cheaper jeans and t-shirts were replaced by branded formal shirts and pants. I stare continously at large screens sitting on the same chair for long hours . My daily food, quite often, involves rolls, wraps, sumptous burgers, pizza’s , pastas and all kinds of junk food. Ola – Uber (instead of walk and public transport) soon became my preferable means of communication. Life overall became a little easy.
But there’s always the other side of the coin, these lifestyle changes brought money and health concerns.The dripping cheese and tasty mayonnaise hit my stomach sooner than i had anticipated. It became quite clear that gyming and running were the only means left. I did join gym but now the challenge was to do it regularly. The laziness and constant work load makes me break my gym promises everyday.

While i constantly try to juggle between my work and personal life, that stomach fat, that eye strain and that back ache silently increases every day!!