College life was fun.It had momentary tensions and perpetual enjoyment. I had 4 years, to achieve just one goal – Study and get a job. And the journey of those 4 years can never be forgotten. Being relaxed and being happy are two different things. And during those 35000 hours at college, I had both.

Wo aadhi raat ke lambe group walks,
Wo late night CQM talks,
Wo cricket ke cherishable fights,
Wo poker ke happy nights,
Wo proxy ke numerous ways,
I sure am missing my college days.

But work life is altogether different.That perpetual happiness now comes only on weekends. The relaxation now comes only on month ends :P. It’s fun to solve the most common day to day problems with people sharing the same mindset. Those around me are sharp and intelligent. While I learn a lot, I also earn now. My work gives me identity. It feeds me. On weekends, i party.I plan trips to nearby hill stations.I eagerly wait for a movie to be released. I visit fine restaurants or pubs. Even while facing all the problems mentioned above , i try to be happy.

Happiness is the art of staying afloat.

A close friend of mine believes that happiness or sadness is the net output of an equation where different parameters play their role. For example,  a negative parameter like monotonicity (Ex. Wake up – Cab – Office – Cab – Sleep ) may try to drown me, but then I have to find some positivity to stay afloat. Positivity may come in form of a friend’s visit, mom’s call, or an outstation trip. The restaurants, the special meetings ,the gifts or the movies – all break this boredom. Similarly the project deadlines, the competition pressure, or stalled career may pull me down deep inside water, but then their’s numerous motivating examples and my self confidence which pushes me up to the surface. I constantly strive to balance career , friend and family to float, to breathe. It’s that perfect work -life balance which makes me happy.

When my family and friends know that i have changed in someways
(I call home less, or i ping my friends rarely) and still understand me , 
i feel happy...
When my mother, being proud of her sons, smiles, i feel happy
When i read poetry or write my heart out, i feel happy...
When 'she' knows that we are talking or meeting less, 
but still trusts that i will always be with her, i feel happy...

I hope all those problems fade away in the darkness of night. Because tomorrow the sun will rise again and shine as it did on my first day in bangalore.