The Geeky Falsafa

The journey is what brings us happiness,not the destination!!!

Bangalore Diaries – 3

College life was fun.It had momentary tensions and perpetual enjoyment. I had 4 years, to achieve just one goal - Study and get a job. And the journey of those 4 years can never be forgotten. Being relaxed and being happy are two different things.... Continue Reading →


Bangalore Diaries – 2

It's 3:42 in the morning. Though my room's light went out a long ago, I still can't sleep. I hear the fan humming, the clock ticking, the insects chirping. HSR is a quiet place. The ticking clock makes me anxious.The... Continue Reading →

Bangalore Diaries – 1

The train stopped at the Krishnarajapuram Railway Station, Platform 4 at 4:45 am. It was dark with street lamps being the only lights, waiting to fade in rising sun's brightness. I was supposed to go somewhere, where ?? CV Raman... Continue Reading →

Down the college lane

An incomplete article from my 2nd year a BIT. Its been 2 years since my first college day.Life was expected to be adventurous and beautiful at college.And I guess the expectation did turn to reality. I still remember the first... Continue Reading →

An Experiment with Myself

Greetings to the Creative and the Genius!!! A showcase of views that intrigue my mind, skills that put the former to use and experience that permeates through it all to teach me all I have learned. Be Curious!!!

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